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Friday, 9 April 2021

Boney M

Well now... love the first track on this L/P just the kind of track I would like to put on this blog as an intro !!! but don't know how to do that !!.....also have had a look on "Wikipedia" to find more about "Boney M"......Cripes! what a lot of info on there.....I knew that the "Front" people of this group there was only one singer that actually sang... the rest of then just "Mimed" (Lip Synced) and the founder and producer was the singer as well using all the technical gizmo's to get the "Boney M " sound !!!.....must have been a nightmare  on the so called "Live" performances....But the sound is great and I suppose that is really what is important !!

 1. Let It All Be Music
2. Gotta Go Home
3. Bye Bye Bluebird
4. Bahama Mama
5. Hold On I'm Coming
6. Two Of Us
7. Ribbons Of Blue

1. Oceans Of Fantasy
2. El Lute
3. No More Chain Gang
4. I'm Born Again
5. No Time To Lose
6. Calendar Song
      5. Hold on I'm Coming