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Sunday, 28 October 2018


Ok folks....I'm closing down this blog all the files have now been deleted by "Zippy" " MediaFire" & "Mega"following Take down notices !!(False) maybe !!! no more posts will be posted...thanks for all your interest and comments...whether or not "Blogger" will delete the Blog who knows... but I will leave it on...... if you want to make any comments 
.....Cheers....Espo !!

Friday, 26 October 2018

Enoch Light & Command All Stars & Bobby Byrne..320.Kbps

Well here's a strange one !!..Its a double L/P full of percussion Latin Tunes so if anyone likes "percussion" then give this one your ear !! The strange thing about it is that on Disc 1 is Side A & D and on Disc 2 is Side B & C....Would have thought that Disc 1 should be A & B and Disc 2 should be C & D...Maybe the producers were at a party dancing to it and were worse for wear !!
But apart from that it is very good Stereo and a good easy listening not forgetting dancing around the room to it !!

P.S. Here is a comment that clears the confusion of the above !!!Blogger

The discs are configured the way they are so that you can put the two discs on a record changer at the same time and play first side A and then side B in order and then after they have played you can remove the discs from the spindle, turn them over and play side C and then side D. Otherwise, you would have to play the sides one at a time with a time delay while you flipped the discs after each playing.

Rick Johnson

Disc 1.

1. El Gato Montes (The Wildcat)....Bobby Byne
2. Besame Mucho....The Command All Stars
3. Mack The Knife...Enoch Light & Orchestra
4. Tonight....Enoch Light & Orchestra
5. Enjoy Yourself....Enoch Light & Orchestra

1. Sem Saudades Devoce....Enoch Light & Orchestra
2. In A Little Spanish Town....Enoch Light & Orchestra
3. The Night Is Young....Enoch Light & Orchestra
4. Perdido....Enoch Light & Orchestra
5. La Cucaracha....The Command All Stars

Disc. 2

1. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps....The Command All Stars
2. C'est Magnifique....Enoch Light & Orchestra
3. Desifinado....Enoch Light & Orchestra
4. Miami Beach Rhumba....The Command All Stars
5. Blame It on The Bossanova....Enoch Light & Orchestra

1. Mambo Jambo....The Command All Stars
2. Green Eyes....Enoch Light & Orchestra
3. Fly Me To The Moon....Enoch Light & Orchestra
4. Brazil....The Command All Stars
5. Volare....Enoch Light Orchestra

5. Volare

Joe Berluk

We seem to be over the channel and you will either like this one or hate it !!..good two choices !!...the arrangements are good but I think I would have liked to hear him actually sing !!..but I suppose the point of the L/P is...Quote !!..."The Erotic Voice"....never heard of him but I believe he is an Ex DJ from the Netherlands.... OOOPs !! I have been corrected !! he's from Genk in Belgium !!.....been DJaying for at least 50 years and now I believe he's hanging up his turntables !!.....It does go on a bit but the novelty is there !!.....Thanks Bob !

9. You Belong To My Heart


As its says on the back cover "Pint Sized Lulu" singing most of her early hits from the 60's with the help of "Mickie Most " !!...A bit shaky on "Without Him" but comes into her own with all the rest....She is still as good today as she was when she recorded this...Yes her voice has changed but the experience and talent shines through !!!

1. Lets Pretend
2. I'm A Tiger
3. Love Loves To Love Love 
4. You And I
5. To Sir With Love
6. March

1. The Boat That I Row
2. Boom Bang-A-Bang
3. Without Him
4. Me The Peaceful Heart
5. Boy
6. Dreary Days And Nights

10. Me The Peaceful Heart

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Francoise Hardy

A double treat now for all the French Guy's & Gal's !!...none of the tracks seem familiar so I guess that they are all french songs....The L/P title is "My Youth Is Out Of The Way" that is according to Google Translate !!....the "Sound Bite" track seems a bit familiar !!....Oh yeah ! just noticed that 6 of the songs were written by her !!

8. Des Ronds Dans L'eau

Johnny Hallyday

24 tracks from the late "French Rocker !...some of the tracks will be instantly recognisable... I should think that this is a cross section of his if you like the Rocker element in your music give this a whirl !!

18. Noir C'est Noir

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Blasts From The Past 2

Another dip into the 45's Box of goodies

1. What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted....Jimmy Ruffin
2. Don't You Miss Me A Little Bit....Jimmy Ruffin
3. Killing me Softly With His Song....Roberta Flack
4. The Tracks Of My Tears....Smokey Robinson
5. Come On Do The Jerk....Smoky Robinson
6. Bingo....The Whisperers
7. Once More With Feeling....The Wisperers
8. Deja Vu....Bill Pursell & The Nashville Sweat
9. Now....Bill Pursell & The Mashvile Sweat
10. Why Do You Do It....Stretch
11. Write Me A Note....Stretch
12. Baby Love....Diana Ross & The Supremes
13. Ask Any Girl....Diana Ross & The Supremes
14. Pepper Box....The Peppers
15. Pinch Of Salt....the Peppers
16. Juke Box Jive....Rubettes
17. When Your Falling In love....Rubettes
18. Soley Soley....Middle Of The Road
19. To Remind Me....Middle of The Road
20. All Around My Hat....Steeleye Span
21. Black Jack Davy

10. Why Do You Do It

Karl Ehrlich Band

Not been to a Beer festival for years and this lot seems to be enjoying themselves lots quite a few of well known tunes and some that you can join in even if you don't know them... it's that infectious!!...

Blossom Dearie

The very distinctive voice of Blossom Dearie giving her versions of some fine standard songs and she does a great job with them...Her voice is one that you either love or hate !!...Just like the old saying about "Marmite" !!!

2. Surrey With The Fringe On Top

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Ted Heath & His Band

The original Ted Heath Band of the 50's & 60's....six tracks of his popular songs AND ....

The London Suite was written by Thomas "Fats" Waller during his 1939 European tour. It is his musical interpretation of six London districts and the suite was arranged for and recorded by the Ted Heath band in 1947, then re-recorded in 1953/4. Piccadilly is scored as an up-tempo yet light and bouncy swing chart that reflects the urban sophistication and wealth of the area. There are solos for Alto 1, Tenor and Guitar (or Piano), some lovely sectional interplays, powerful ensemble passages and a couple of sweet sax solo passages too. 

Some Great Big Band sounds....concert style !!!

1. Honeysuckle Rose
2. Ain't Misbehavin'
3. Blue Turning Grey Over You
4. Jitterbug Waltz
5. I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling
6. Alligator Crawl

1. London Suite..Soho
2. Limehouse
3. Piccadilly
4. Chelsea
5. Bond Street
6. Whitechapel

1. Ain't Misbehavin'

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Blasts From The Past Vol 1.

A dip into the "retro" box of 45's complete with all the "snap" "crackles" & "pops" !!...which in my opinion adds to the enjoyment of the sound !!...I'll try not to include those that might have been played with a knitting needle !!! enjoy the first one !

1. Bend Me Shape Me....The Amen Corner
2. Satisnek The Job Worth....The Amen Corner
3. Poetry In Motion....Johnny Tillotson
4. Princess Princess....Johnny Tillotson
5. Something....The Beatles
6. Come Together....The Beatles
7. Music For The Gong Gong....Osibisa
8. Wcyaya....Osibisa
9. Can't Take my Eyes Off You....Andy Williams
10. You Are Where Everything Is....Andy Williams
11. What Do You Want....Adam Faith
12. From Now Untill Forever....Adam Faith
13. I Aint Got No...I Got Life....Nina Simone
14. Do What You Gotta Do....Nina Simone
15. Multiplication....Bobby Darin
16. Irresistible You....Bobby Darin 

8 Wcyaya

Thursday, 20 September 2018

The Kirby Stone Four.320.Kbps

Now then !!! who's not heard of TKS4's version of "Baubles Bangles And Beads "so just as an introduction to this first class group of singers in the essence of "The Ray Conniff Singers" and "The Mike Sammes Singers"A great selection of songs and a great L/P !

1. Rain
2. Volare
3. When The Sun Comes Out
4. When Your Lover Has Gone
5. Hambone
6. Ti-Pi-Tin

1. I Love Paris
2. Lullaby Of Birdland
3. Lassus Trombone
4. I Love You
5. Red Shoes
6. Don't Stop

2. Volare

We now have some music from the 20's ..My !! how Jazz has changed with time !! But enjoy this BLAST !!!!

01 Richard A. Whiting & Raymond B. Egan 
02 Maceo Pinkard & William Tracey and Harry Tobias
03 Lou Handman & Henry Creamer 
04 Earl Carroll 
05 Jerome Kern & Anne Caldwell 
06 Ben Black and Louis Nova  
07 Harry Warren and Dan Dougherty & Bud Green
08 Fred Rose
09 Jimmy McHugh & Dorothy Fields 
10 J. Fred Coots & Benny Davis and Arthur Swanstrom 

Sergio Franchi.320.Kbps

Not in the same class as "Mario Lanza" but a good tenor from the 60' says on the back sleeve that his appearance on British TV namely "Sunday Night At The London Palladium" started his career...its a good nostalgic walk or stroll down the "Italian Streets" !!!

P.S. Just a quick note !..the year is1962 ! so when the "Italy's Brilliant New Tenor" that is on the front is 53 Years ago !!!!......Cor' don't time Fly !!!!

1. Core 'ngrato
2. Funniculi Funicula
3. O Sole Mio
4. Mattinata
5. Mamma Mia Che Vo' Sape
6. La Vilanella

1. Marechiare
2. A Vucchella
3. Come facette Mammeta
4. Fenesta Che Lucive
5. Torna a Surriento
6. O Surdato Namorato 

5. Torna a Sorrento< /b>

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Nina Simone

The title says it all !!.....Nina In Concert !!!..Grrrrrrreat !!!!

1. In The Morning
2. Sunday In Savannah
3. The Backlash Blues
4. Please Read Me
5. Gin House Blues

1. Why
2. Peace Of mind
3. Ain't Got No
4. I Loves You Porgy
5. Take my Hand Precious Lord
6. Do What You Gotta Do

4. I Loves You Porgy

Ann Hathaway

Another great forgotten / lost voice....Can't find much about this singer... I "Googled" her and kept getting the "Other " Ann Hathaway"  american actress....If anyone has any info be great to hear it !!

1. Lush Life
2. Walk In The Country
3. The Very Thought Of You
4. What Is There To Say
5. So Ends The Night
6. Suppertime

1. Stormy Weather
2. Day Dream
3. Honeysuckle In The Wind
4. Nobody's Heart
5. About The Blues
6. New Love new Wine

1. Stormy Weather

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Aretha Franklin

Now we have Two Singers one an Icon of Soul !!..who unfortunately is now no longer with us ...the other one..One of those forgotten singers that made a couple of L/Ps then seemed to vanish  into the mists of time to be revived on this Blog in 2018 !!.....Aretha singing pop songs of the time and Ann singing standards !!....Pure Heaven !!!

1. How Glad I Am

Ann Gilbert

We now have a set of standard songs sung by a classy singer that I've not heard of before so off I go to "Wikie" to see what I can find !!!.....Thanks John for this find !!.....Its a good  Un !!

Discovered on Chicago's South Side, Ann Gilbert emerged briefly in the mid-'50s on the Groove label, RCA's blues/jazz subsidiary. She'd begun singing in church at the age of four and by ten, she was a regular on the radio program Young America Sings. She acted and sang in summer stock musicals and seemed destined for a career in classical music when jazz beckoned.  She began improvising at the piano and found that she preferred experimenting with music rather than the formality of classical study. Gilbert began singing in clubs, working as her own accompanist, and began building a reputation at clubs in Indianapolis and Chicago. In 1956, she got her big chance to record when she was signed to Groove Records by a talent scout passing through Chicago.  In a Swingin' Mood pairs singer Ann Gilbert with arranger Elliot Lawrence, whose bold, buoyant charts keep the session every bit as lively as its title promises. Stock selections like "Someone to Watch Over Me," "Makin' Whoopee," and "Lover Come Back to Me" may not look particularly impressive on paper, but Gilbert's vocals are never anything less than heartfelt, yet remarkably free of pathos. A crack supporting unit featuring tenor saxophonist Al Cohn, altoist Hal McKusick, trumpeter Nick Travis, and trombonist Eddie Bert also contributes mightily to the album's effervescent spirit. 


4. Back In Your Own Back Yard

Monday, 10 September 2018

The Chi - Lites..320..Kbps

A couple of "Greatest Hits" L/P's that hopefully live up to their title !!

1. Oh Girl
2. I Wanna Pay You Back
3. I Like Your Loving
4. Give It Away
5. Let Me Be The One my Daddy Was
6. Love Uprising
7. The Coldest Days of my Life Part 1
8. The Coldest Days of my Life Part 2

1. Have You Seen Her
2. Give More Power To The People
3. Are You My Woman
4. We Are Neighbors
5. Living In The Footsteps Of Another Man
6. I'm Ready
7. 24 Hours of Sadness
8. A Lonely Man

3. Are You My Woman

Al Green..320..Kbps

Another Greatest Hits L/P...does the content live up to it's name !!...only ardent fans of Mr AG will be able to answer that !!

6. Lets Stay Together

A Special Motown Disco Album..VA..320..Kbps

Even Motown had to get onto the Disco Band Wagon Soooooooo from 1976 that thumping beat gives us some classic tracks !!....recorded as Side One & Side gaps in between tracks !!