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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Shelby Flint

A different kinda voice now but still a good one...Folksy kinda music and once again a new voice to me...hope you all enjoy this one !!

 Shelby Flint (born September 17, 1939 in North Hollywood, California) is a singer-songwriter who had two top-100 hits, "Angel on My Shoulder" in 1961 and "Cast Your Fate to the Wind" in 1966.

1. Joey
2. Quiet Kind Of Love
3. Scarlet Ribbons
4. Lavender Blue
5. Far Away Places
6. I Will Love You

1. Heather On The Hill
2. Riddle Song
3. Danny Boy
4. Hi-Lilli-Hi Lo
5. Every Night 

1. Joey

Carol Sloane

Yep ! this voice came out of the blue !.....another great  voice can't say its a lost one because she is still performing and singing !....a great selection of standard songs so if you like singers that sing ! perfectly then have a treat and listen !

1. Prelude To a Kiss 
2. Aren't You Glad Your You
3. Little Girl Blue
4. Who cares
5. My Ship
6. Will You Still Be Mine

1. The More I See You 
2. Deep Purple
3. Life Is Just a Bowl Of Cherries
4. My Silent Love
5. Night And Day

2. Aren't You Glad Tour You

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band

Now for something crazy and different !....I have seen this L/P in the record shops for years but not took any notice of it and I have not heard of their work at all...I should have !!....A great "Parody" L/P... doing all kind of funny things with the songs..have a listen and you will get what I mean !...It's Mad Mad Mad !!..But Good

 Gorilla is the debut album by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, originally released by Liberty Records, LBL 83056, in 1967.The album includes "Jazz, (Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold)" which savagely parodied their early "trad" jazz roots and featured some of the most deliberately inept jazz playing ever recorded—the record company only allowed two hours of studio time per track, so it was completed in a single take to allow for the far more complex "The Intro and the Outro". The band deliberately swapped instruments to increase the degree of incompetence.

1. Cool Brittania
2. The Equestrian Statue
3. Jolity Farm
4. I Left My Heart In San Francisco
5. Look Out There's A Monster Coming
6. Jazz Delicious Hot Disgusting Cold
7. Death Cab For Cutie 

1. The Intro And Outro
2. Micky's Son And Daughter
3. Big Shot
4. Music For Head Ballet
5. Piggy Love Bank
6. I'm Bored
7. The Sound Of Music

1. The Intro And Outro

Friday, 19 January 2018

I Love You..VA

This compilation has a sub-title that has "Music for Special Moments"...I hope that is what it does  !!...Got to get my winter woolies and "Thermal" underwear on now co's the posts above are comming from a very cold and snowy New York
B'rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!

2. If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body

Mireille Mathieu

Seems that we are on a globe trotting expedition so a pop in to France and the distinctive voice of "Mireille" should please a few Francophile's....Thanks Bob !

2. Now That Youv'e Gone

Kurt Edelhagen

It's still cloudy and cold in Belguim so will have to wrap up when I go out for some "Choc's" music from the sunny land of Italy might brighten the night up and give a nice warm glow inside !! relax and enjoy !!

5. Reginella Campagnole

Benny Goodman & His Band

We are now in the 60's !... 30th Of May 1962  according to the back sleeve if I have translated it correctly !...nostalgia galore !! this one comes from a wet rainy day in Belguin Via Bob...and the one below is from the Snow and frosty New York via John's record store....Isn't it great to hear the great music of yesteryear !!..and this one swings to perfection !!

2. Mission To Moscow

Betty Driver

Here's a real blast from the past 30's & 40's I should think !!...some 78 's from the early career of "Corrie's" favourite barmaid !!...nostalgia at it's best !

1. The Moon Remembered
2. I've Got a Hunch
3. Monday Tuesday Wednesday I Love You
4. The Bullfrog Samba
5. It's men Like You
6. Twitterpated
7. I Love To Whistle
8. The Alpine Milkman
9. We Mustn't Miss The Last Bus Home
10. I'll Take Romance

3. Monday Tuesday Wednesday I Love You

Flambards.320 Kbps

Re- Post
 A few re-posts now before we brave the snow and cold of the "New York" skyline and a wet Belguim !! from the posts above !!

  This is the music from a late 70's Television Series....Even if you haven't seen the Series the music stands on its own.... The tracks are catchy and beautiful and there's a whistle tune that if you download it you will be whistling all day !!!.....If any of you out there get a chance to see this great T/V Series or get the DVD (which I have) then go for it you wont be disappointed....

P.S. This is definatly one of the best "Mood Music" that I have in my collection and I hope that most of you out there will have a listen and give an opinion!! I said above the music stands on its own so you don't realy have to see the "Series" to appreciate it...BUT it does help !!! 


1. Flambards Theme

Golden Boy..320 Kbps

 As with all musical shows and films if you have not seen them, then the "Soundtracks" and "Music And Songs From" wont mean much to you unless the songs are a "Rip Roaring" Hits......Unfortunatly this L/P doesn't have any well known hits on unless as I said you have seen the show its just a pleasent set of non-discript songs....sung well as only "Sammy Davis" does !!!

1. Workout....The Boxers
2. Night Song....Sammy Davis
3. Everything's Great....Kenneth Tobey &  Paula Wayne
4. Gimme Some....Terrin Miles & Sammy Davis
5. Stick Around....Sammy Davis
6. Don't Forget 127th Street....Sammy Davis & Company
7. Lorna's Here.....Paula Wayne
8. This Is The Life....Billy Daniels & Sammy Davis

1. Golden Boy....Paula Wayne
2. While The City Sleeps.....Billy Daniels
3. Colourful....Sammy Davis
4. I Want To Be With You....Sammy Davis & Paula Wayne
5. Can't You See It....Sammy Davis
6. No More....Sammy Davis & Company
7. Finale--The Fight....The Orchestra

4. I Want To Be With You

Oliver.WRC..320 Kbps

 This is another WRC recording of a musical which I thought was like the other WRC releases of "Musicals" made up with artists picked by the record company BUT after going on "Google" to find out if the "Stephan Marriott" was the singer from the group "The Small Faces"and a Pop singer in his own right I came across this L/P cover....So it is a West End Cast recording ...Its not the original first cast but its a good one well worth a listen too !

 1. Overture / Food Glorious Food
2. Oliver
3. That's Your Funeral
4. Where Is Love
5. You've Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two
6. Consider Yourself

1. Oomp-pah-pah
2. Be Back Soon
3. As Long As He Needs Me
4. I'd Do Anything
5. Reviewing The Situation
6. Finale

4. I'd Do Anything

The Pajama Game (Film )..320 Kbps

 This is definitely taken from the soundtrack....usually they go into the studio and record the songs but this one is different the tracks are longer and you can hear the dance steps on some of the if you have seen the film you will know what I mean...Every song is well known and it says on the back that the film is not much different to the stage play in fact all the original stage players are in the film... only Doris Day has been replaced !!!

1. The Pajama Game / Racing With The Clock...Eddie Foy & Cast
2. I'm Not In Love....Doris day & Girls
3. I'll Never Be Jealous Again....Eddie Foy & Reta Shaw
4. Hey There....John Raitt
5. Once A Year Day....Doris Day & John Raitt

1. Small Talk....Doris Day & John Raitt
2. There Once Was A Man....Doris Day & John Raitt
3. Steam Heat....Carol Haney & Kenneth LeRoy & Buzz Miller
4. Hernando's Hideaway....Carol Haney & Cast
5. Seven And A Half Cents...Doris Day & Jack Straw & Cast
6. Finale

3. Steam Heat

The Card..320 Kbps

 A while ago in fact a couple of years ago a friend of mine was getting rid of most of his L/P's making way for a collection of CD's....most of them were from Broadway and London shows I said I would have them hence the occasional ones from "Shows" some obscure and some well known....So here goes one "The Card"...Don't think it was a roaring success in the "West End" it only lasted for 130 Performances....but it's nice to hear Millicent Martin !!!

 1. Hallelujah....The Company
2. Nine Till Five....Jim Dale & Company
3. Lead Me....Millicent Martin
4. Universal White Kid Gloves....John Savident & Millicent Martin & Company
5. Nobody Thought Of It....Jim Dale & Company
6. Moving On....Millicent Martin
7. That Once A Year Feeling....Marti Webb & Company
8. Come Along And Join Us....Jim Dale & Company

1. That's The Way The Money Grow's....Jim Dale & Marti Webb & Alan Norburn
2. I Could Be The One....Marti Webb
3. The Card....The Company
4. Opposite Your Smile....Jim Dale & Marti Webb
5. Nothing Succeeds Like Success....Millicent Martin & Jim Dale &  Company
6. The Right Man....John Savident & Jim Dale & Millicent Martin & Company
7. Nobody Thought Of It....Marti Webb & Jim Dale
8. Finale....The Company

4. Opposite Your Smile

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Della Reese

Crash ! Bang ! Wallop ! Wooooooooop's !! From the USA to Belguim in a matter of seconds !! need for a Time Machine !...just cruise along with the air-waves !! and listen to what Bob has to offer !!

4. Its Magic

Johnny Hallyday

24 tracks from the late "French Rocker !...some of the tracks will be instantly recognisable... I should think that this is a cross section of his if you like the Rocker element in your music give this a whirl !!

18. Noir c'est noir

Erroll Garner

Comment below said "Not had any piano for a while" well here's another one !!..just like the  British saying about "Buses" !!...You know those Big Red (Usually) public transport things !!

3. Stompin' At The Savoy

Peter Nero

Not had any piano for a while so let's put that right with this one ! always the brilliant playing of Peter Nero comes up trumps again....BUT how do you say the L/P's title !! would it be "Soshimilco" or maybe "Zokimilco"

10. Canadian Sunset

Mireille Mathieu

That Disco beat seems to arrive on here once in a while !! and the lass with the rrrrrrolling "R's" does a good job of the first track !...I think that this one might be some of Mireille's early recording's.....Thanks Bob for this one and all the ones above!!

8. L'autre