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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Nina Simone

The title says it all !!.....Nina In Concert !!!..Grrrrrrreat !!!!

1. In The Morning
2. Sunday In Savannah
3. The Backlash Blues
4. Please Read Me
5. Gin House Blues

1. Why
2. Peace Of mind
3. Ain't Got No
4. I Loves You Porgy
5. Take my Hand Precious Lord
6. Do What You Gotta Do

4. I Loves You Porgy

Ann Hathaway

Another great forgotten / lost voice....Can't find much about this singer... I "Googled" her and kept getting the "Other " Ann Hathaway"  american actress....If anyone has any info be great to hear it !!

1. Lush Life
2. Walk In The Country
3. The Very Thought Of You
4. What Is There To Say
5. So Ends The Night
6. Suppertime

1. Stormy Weather
2. Day Dream
3. Honeysuckle In The Wind
4. Nobody's Heart
5. About The Blues
6. New Love new Wine

1. Stormy Weather

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Aretha Franklin

Now we have Two Singers one an Icon of Soul !!..who unfortunately is now no longer with us ...the other one..One of those forgotten singers that made a couple of L/Ps then seemed to vanish  into the mists of time to be revived on this Blog in 2018 !!.....Aretha singing pop songs of the time and Ann singing standards !!....Pure Heaven !!!

1. How Glad I Am

Ann Gilbert

We now have a set of standard songs sung by a classy singer that I've not heard of before so off I go to "Wikie" to see what I can find !!!.....Thanks John for this find !!.....Its a good  Un !!

Discovered on Chicago's South Side, Ann Gilbert emerged briefly in the mid-'50s on the Groove label, RCA's blues/jazz subsidiary. She'd begun singing in church at the age of four and by ten, she was a regular on the radio program Young America Sings. She acted and sang in summer stock musicals and seemed destined for a career in classical music when jazz beckoned.  She began improvising at the piano and found that she preferred experimenting with music rather than the formality of classical study. Gilbert began singing in clubs, working as her own accompanist, and began building a reputation at clubs in Indianapolis and Chicago. In 1956, she got her big chance to record when she was signed to Groove Records by a talent scout passing through Chicago.  In a Swingin' Mood pairs singer Ann Gilbert with arranger Elliot Lawrence, whose bold, buoyant charts keep the session every bit as lively as its title promises. Stock selections like "Someone to Watch Over Me," "Makin' Whoopee," and "Lover Come Back to Me" may not look particularly impressive on paper, but Gilbert's vocals are never anything less than heartfelt, yet remarkably free of pathos. A crack supporting unit featuring tenor saxophonist Al Cohn, altoist Hal McKusick, trumpeter Nick Travis, and trombonist Eddie Bert also contributes mightily to the album's effervescent spirit. 


4. Back In Your Own Back Yard

Monday, 10 September 2018

The Chi - Lites..320..Kbps

A couple of "Greatest Hits" L/P's that hopefully live up to their title !!

1. Oh Girl
2. I Wanna Pay You Back
3. I Like Your Loving
4. Give It Away
5. Let Me Be The One my Daddy Was
6. Love Uprising
7. The Coldest Days of my Life Part 1
8. The Coldest Days of my Life Part 2

1. Have You Seen Her
2. Give More Power To The People
3. Are You My Woman
4. We Are Neighbors
5. Living In The Footsteps Of Another Man
6. I'm Ready
7. 24 Hours of Sadness
8. A Lonely Man

3. Are You My Woman

Al Green..320..Kbps

Another Greatest Hits L/P...does the content live up to it's name !!...only ardent fans of Mr AG will be able to answer that !!

6. Lets Stay Together

A Special Motown Disco Album..VA..320..Kbps

Even Motown had to get onto the Disco Band Wagon Soooooooo from 1976 that thumping beat gives us some classic tracks !!....recorded as Side One & Side gaps in between tracks !!


Flash forward to 1989....Leaving the Disco Fad behind and we have a "Scottsh" band that you perhaps would mistake them for an American band by the name !! But no they are wee folks from "Scotland" !!!

Texas are a Scottish pop rock band from Glasgow. They were founded in 1986 by Johnny McElhone (formerly of the bands Altered Images and Hipsway) and Sharleen Spiteri on lead vocals. Texas made their performing debut in March 1988 at the University of Dundee. They took their name from the 1984 Wim Wenders movie Paris, Texas.

1. I Don't Want A Lover

Friday, 7 September 2018

Gladys Knight & The Pips..320..Kbps

There are some excellent tracks on this one !

7. Daddy Could Swear I Declare

The Best Of Reggae..VA..320 Kbps

30 Reggae tracks on this double wammer that should get you Reggaying around the room with some popular tunes on here giving a reggae twist !!

25. Dream Lover

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Hiyah !!

Ok Folks !!.....been to bed over the weekend....had a think.... brain working overtime !! to those who were a bit confused about "The Corner" and probably had a walk round the roundabout ! the moment "Zippyshare" is on hold !!..and the posts below are different !! lets hope it works out ok... It is possible that I will be working on "The Corner" and "The Right Angle"...not at the same time of course !!!...comments  would be welcome if you have any trouble ....cheers...Luigi


Although the title is Rhapsody In Blue it is only an excerpt and the rest is made up of light classical pieces which most of you should be familiar with !!....Thanks Bob for these two !!

9. Chopsticks

Frankie Laine

Some early recordings of Frankie's

5. Thats My Desire

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Thursday, 30 August 2018

AHhhhhhhh !

Yep Folks seems that this blog is DEAD for downloads on Zippyshare the last 6 posts I Re-Posted on Tuesday  28th as DL !!!...all but one have now been deleted !! I Guess I Have to stick with the music that is in the "Public Domain "..which narrows down what will be on here ...Unless of course "Blogger" decides to close this Blog down...My first Blog "The Corner" is still there so maybe I will put something on there in the future and see what for the private blog still thinking about that one....but I have issues with does one join a private blog if you have no e-mail address or anything to ask to join !!! cheers for now !!...keep coming back I have a few ideas... unless of course you get the "BLOG NOT AVAILABLE" page.....Cheers...Mick /Luigi / Espo / Ect.....

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Sorry !!

Sorry Folks !! more downloads all the links have been deleted see how long....!!!...lasts

Saturday, 25 August 2018


We are moving forward in time to the 80's with this one and maybe a few more... contributions from some other friends !! my comments will be a bit folks have a go and feel free to make a comment about this and other L/P's

. 7.Yahoo

Mungo Jerry.320.Kbps

Including The Great Hit In The Summertime !

1. She Rowed
2. I Just Wanna Make love To You
3. In The Summertime
4. Somebody Stole My Wife

1. Baby Jump
2. Follow Me Down
3. Memoirs Of a Stockbroker
4. You Better Leave That Whiskey Alone
5. Coming Back To You

. 3. In The Summertime

Jimmy Somerville.320.Kbps

Wow we are now traveling forward in time to 1991 !!...with a 45 rpm EP on a 12 inch Disc...I guess that when the recordings were over 3 mins long they would not fit onto a regular 7 inch disc and of course the singer  and arrangements can let the music flow without the restriction of about 3 mins !!

1. Smalltown Boy

1. To Love Somebody
2. There's More To Love Than Boy Meets Girl

> 1. To Love Somebody

Friday, 24 August 2018

Robert Cray.320.Kbps

1986 is the year  and I don't know much about this one !!
Robert William Cray (born August 1, 1953) is an American blues guitarist and singer. He has led his own band and won five Grammy Awards.

. 6. More Than I Can Stand

Marvin Gaye.320.Kbps

Another Greatest hits compilation from 1964 through to 1982...

. 4. How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You

Monday, 20 August 2018

Ferrante & Teicher

First some piano !... then some Organ...then some rousing orchestra music followed by some big band sounds all from B in Belgium !!...Ta 

1. The Godfather
2. Diamonds Are Forever
3. Cabaret
4. Summer Of 42
5. A Clockwork Orange
6. The Happy Italian

1. Nicolas & Alexandre
2. Shaft
3. Mammy Blue
4. Tara's Theme
5. Midnight Cowboy
6. A New Day Coming

2. Diamonds Are Forever