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Friday, 30 March 2018

Tom Jones

A few now from Bob !!..and I should think that this one was recorded very early in Toms career !!!..the sideburns and hairstyle gives it away !!....Thanks Bob !

5. The Young New Mexican Puppeter</>

Erroll Garner

A little piano music before we have the organ music below !!...and the title of this L/P says it all !!

1. On The Sunny Side Of The Street

A.Decap Sound

Some organ music now...

The Decap organs always had an extensive rhythm section; with complete drum sets and additional percussion instruments such as woodblock, tambourine, temple bells, rumba balls etc. in such a way that all dance rhythms can be realized...Decap is an organ builder from the Belgian city of Antwerp .

14. De Kleine Wals

Timi Yuro

We are still in Belgium sorting through Bobs L/P's and we have a compilation of songs from the 50' & 60's and some info and pics of the original singers who made the songs hits including Timi's hit.....a good well thought out back sleeve !!

5. Cry

Bing Crosby

Re-Post Requested By Sean Brosnan

This one consists of original recordings....I think I would be right in saying that this one was maybe late 30's as well !!....a very young "Bing" singing songs of the day!!!!

9. Them There Eyes

Bing Crosby

Re-Post Requested By Sean Brosnan

So now we have "Mr Crosby" up to date can't see any date on the sleeve so it's a guessing game.....and I'll have a guess at the date based on it was recorded in "London" and also the arrangments late 80's I would nice if some one had a date....or I Could "Google" The L/P and see what comes up....Yep that's what I'll do now !!!!!.......Well now! I was wrong the video I found singing the title song "That's what love Is all About" from "The Vera Lynn Show" In we can presume that it was recorded about that time 1975 !!
Thanks for this gem "Bob" !!

2. Breezing Along With The Breeze

Andre Brasseur

Some organ music now but with a difference its seems to have an orchestra with it and it gives it a completely different sound to the normal Synthesizer Organ Music....Or is there no Orchestra and as the back sleeve say's  

1. Saturnus
2. The Train
3. Plick Plok
4. Dont Tell Me

1. Highland Road
2. X2
3. You And Me
4. Casino Beach

3. Plick Ploc

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Mediafire !

Starting with the Post below I am also going to use "Mediafire" as well as Zippy and if it works out better then I will change to all above this post will have 2 choices of download !!

16. Golden Oldies

The above title translates as ! "Do You Remember This Still" by Google translate but I guess what it actually means is "Do You Still Remember This" and as the back cover also says "16 Golden Oldies" !! here they are all the way from Belgium ! Thanks Bob !!

1. Sacramento.....Middle of the Road
2. Detroit City.....Bobby Bare
3. Oh Carol.....Neil Sedaka
4. Maria Elena.....Los Indos Tabajares
5. I Wil Follow Him
6. The Lion Sleeps Tonight....The Tokens
7. Sweets For My Sweet.....The Searchers
8. Night And Day.....Frank Sinatra

1. Esso Besso.....Paul Anka
2. The Ballad Of The Green Berets.....Ssgt Barry Sadler
3. Twisting The Night Away.....Sam Cooke
4. Patricia.....Prez Prado
5. Guitar Man.....Duane Eddy
6. Island In The Sun.....Harry Belefonte
7. Jack In The Box.....Clodagh Rodgers
8. Cindy O Cindy.....Eddie Fisher

1. Esso Besso

Fingers Crossed !!

It seems like the L/P's that I re-posted are still there and have not been deleted...lets see what happens to the ones I have just posted...if they get deleted along with the others well have to get my thinking cap on for somewhere new !!...lets hope its just a glitch on Zippyshare !!

George Shearing..320..Kbps

Some cool piano jazz now...It Seems that every other track is from a live performance but it doesn't tell you when and where !!

7.Lullaby Of Birdland

Ivor Emmanuel..320..Kbps


2. I'm Just A Country Boy

Bert Kaempfert & Orchestra..320 Kbps

Most of the popular hits of Bert K is on this compilation plus  some not so well known ones !!

1. Red Roses For A Blue Lady
2. A Swingin' Safari
3. Wonderland by Night
4. That Happy Feeling
5. Lonely Nightingale
6. Happy Trumpeter
7. Danke Schon
8. Market Day

1. Blue Midnight
2. Love
3. Afrikaan Beat
4. Three O'clock In The Morning
5. Treat For Trumpets
6. The Bass Walk
7. Tuttie Fruttie
8. The Big Build Up

6. The Bass Walk

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Zippyshare Error !!

It seems that Zippyshare is doing a bit of a wobbler !!.....I will re- up the last 4 posts and see what happens.....If any of the other Music blogs that use Zippyshare is having the same trouble let me know.....seems that all my recent posts says "File does not exist on this server" even when I have just posted them.....Cheers...Luigi

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Colin Davis & BBC Symphony Orchestra ..320 Kbps

We now have a great classical L/P with a difference....Explanations my be necessary for people who don't get our English peculiar ways !..Imagine over 6000 people going to a classical concert and brings with them.. Slogan Banners ! Gaudy Umbrellas ! Silly Hats ! Boaters with Union Jacks On Them ! Toy Trumpets ! Squeakers ! Referee Whistles ! Streamers ! Balloons ! and So on !!...recommend that you read the Back sleeve to get the whole of the picture !!
Side two is a corker !!...and the whole Concert is well worth a listen too.....This was recorded in 1969 and 1971...It would be great to hear from anyone who has been to a  "Last Night At The Proms" at the Albert Hall London and hear what they have to say !!

Just a little bit of the back cover notes to give you an idea of how it all started !!

This sound  bite is just a track of the rehearsal of the above "The Stone Wall" hear what happens you will have to have a listen !!

5. The Stone Wall

Johnny Mathis..320 Kbps

This compilation of JM's songs has the distinction of being introduced by him and him vocalising a signing off at the end....No new tracks just ones from his early L/P's and most of the duets that he has done.... 20 tracks so you have a cross section of his songs all styles !!

Glenn Miller & His Orchestra..320..Kbps

I'm disappointed with this one !...its another "Electronically Created Stereo" and this one doesn't seem to work they have separated the instruments to give a stereo effect and have lessened the "Glenn Miller Sound" so it sounds just like a random big band !!...the other one I have posted earlier  that had the ECS sounded great and it also a RCA International L/P....So the little man at the controls of the knobs and sliders perhaps wasn't listening too well !! on this one !.....Maybe it's my ears but would like a comment on this one !!

7. Tuxedo Juction