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Sunday, 29 April 2018

Teddy Wilson & His Trio

Re-Post requested by Peter Gunn

A different kind of piano playing now....Jazz Interpretations of the songs from Gypsy...I am not familiar with some of the songs  but its a great Jazz L/P and well worth a listen to !! if like me you like the old Joanna

Danny La Rue

Re- Post requested by Paul Roberts

In London in "Theatre Land"...The "Music Hall" is a here's the guy that usually wears a dress doing songs that relate to said "Music Hall"....

1. On Mother Kellys Doorstep

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Party Sing A Long..320.Kbps

Ok folks we are now going on a musical journey with a few surprises on the way !! we are having a BiG and last dip into the musical tastes of "Aunty Jean"..(AKA) AJ !! .so hold onto your hats as we start off with a good party sing song before we go "Cosmic" on a journey maybe to Venus !!..were all the women are !! in the quote by "John Gray"... "Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus" !!!! altogether now 123 !!!

Boney M..320.Kbps

Whosh !! and are we away to Venus ?..who knows !! maybe in a dream !!....but the throbbing beat of Boney M will bring us down to earth ready for the SAX session !!

Johnnie Gray..320.Kbps

There is definatly a good mix of L/P's from AJ 's before we relax at the films (Below) lets have a good blow out with a multitude of Sax's !!

5. Flamingo

Mantovani & Rawicz and Landauer..320. Kbps

This Mantovani L/P has the addition of two Piano's " Rawicz & Landauer"

Rawicz and Landauer were an immensely popular piano duo team that performed from 1932 to 1970. They were initially based in Vienna, Austria, but moved to the United Kingdom in the early part of their career. They were known for their arrangements of popular classics.
Marjan (or Maryan) Rawicz (1898 – 30 January 1970) was Polish. He studied in Poland, and in Vienna under Richard Robert, and also studied law at the University of Krak√≥w, playing the piano at seaside resorts in his holidays to make ends meet.
Walter Landauer (4 September 1910[1] – 4 August 1983) was born in Vienna. He studied at the Vienna Music Academy and under Emil von Sauer.

4. The Legend of The Glass Mountain

Louis Armstrong..320.Kbps

Satchmo in his early 1935 days recording for the "Decca / Brunswick" labels with some "Jazz Classics" as the title says !

9. You Rascal You

Your Hundred Best Tunes.VA..320.Kbps

We are certainly having a good mixture in this BIG dip into AJ's record cabinet so lets go a bit on the quiet side and relax as the Lady on the cover has (I wonder if that could be AJ !!!)

7. Chorus of The Hebrew Slaves

Nat King Cole..320.Kbps

We now have the smooth vocals of Nat smooching away with a  dozen of well known standard songs proving that in the 50's and 60's he was one of the best !!

1. The Touch Of Your Lips

Monday, 23 April 2018

De Beste Van De Edison Winnaars..320.Kbps

Wow what a surprise when I came across this one !!...thanks "Aunty Jean"...I wonder if she  
was in Holland and bought this back !!...its a great L/P Thank AJ !! Thanks !!

The Edison Award is annual Dutch music prize, awarded for outstanding achievements in the music industry. It is one of the oldest music awards in the world, having been presented since 1960.

4. A Boy Named Charlie Brown

Doctor Zhivago..320.Kbps

A trip to the cinema now to hear the music of "Maurice Jarre"....these soundtracks to me only make sense if you have actually seen the if you have not seen it then it will just be a collection of music....The main them "Lara's Theme" just about manages to get into most of the tracks....But as a selection of film music its fine !!

7. Lara's Theme

Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass..320.Kbps

Before we go shimmying down to the 30's lets pop into the Tijuana Rhythms and have a jig about !!

4. Bean Bag

Harry Roy & His Band..320.Kbps

Thanks AJ for some music from the 30's & 40's to get your feet tapping !! says that these are the original recording from way back beginning 1933....somebody has done a good job of transfering them from what I imagine would be old shellac 78's....unless of course they have the original masters !!.....I think that the 30's would be to early for Tapes so I imagine that they would have recorded directly onto a master Disc !!....anyway just listen what musicly turned people on in the 30's !!

10. Nobody's Sweetheart

The Three Degrees..320.Kbps

20 great tracks from the 70's that have the distinction of being a "Royal" favourite !!...all of the hits are here so enjoy !!

5. My Simple Heart