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Saturday, 30 September 2017

The Ray Conniff Singers.320.Kbps


Nice set of songs done in the capable hands of "The Ray Conniff Singers"...nice Stereo Sound Guys from the left speaker and Gals from the right !!

 P.S. Another Classic Vintage "Conniff"which still gives me "Goose Bumps" every time I hear it..

1. Somebody Loves Me
2. Golden Earings
3. You're The Cream In My Coffee
4. The Green Leaves Of Summer
5. Don't Fence Me In
6 I Only Have Eyes For You

1. The Thrill Is Gone
2. You'd be So Nice To Come Home To
3. It Had To be You
4. I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire
5. Moon Song
6. All or Nothing At All 

3. Your The Cream In My Coffee

Joanie Sommers

Here's a first for me !!....a change of pace tempo and style from the posts below !!...thanks John for mixing up the  MIX !!....great voice ! shades of "Eydie Gorme " !!!

4. I Don't want to walk without you

Joe Loss Band

Some more "Big Band Swing" from over the pond !! an English Swing band play tribute to all the USA bands of the 40's...Thanks John for this one and the one below !!

1. At The Woodchoppers Ball

Rita Reys

Another great session from MY voice of the year !!!....if you havn't yet heard her ! 
Your Missing Out !!

1. That Old Feeling
2. Over The Rainbow
3. My Funny Valentine
4. Moonlight In Vermont
5. Everything Happens To Me
6. Two Sleepy People

1. Here's That Rainy Day
2. Too Marvelous For Words
3.  Fly Me To The Moon
4. Where Or When
5. Poor Butterfly 
6. My Foolish Heart
7. Mr Wonderful

7. Here's That Rainy Day

Ray Conniff & Orchestra.320. Kbps


  Another great "Conniff" L/P...can't think of much else to say.. I think I've said it all in previous posts....BUT.... YES I AM SHOUTING !!....IT'S GRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT!!!!!!!!!

1. Memories Are Made Of This
2. Tammy
3. Young Love
4. Three Coins In The Fountain
5. Moments To Remember
6. My Foolish Heart

1. Love Me Tender
2. Around The World
3. Love Letters In The Sands
4. Unchained Melody
5. Only You
6. No Other Love

1. Memories Are Made Of This

Jose Feliciano

Ok now we are of across the channel to see what goodies Bob has got for us...Great Guitar playing and great verson of "Light My Fire" & "Malaguena" ..thanks Bob for this one and the ones below !!

1. Tu Imenso Amor
2. California Dreaming
3. Light my Fire
4. The Windmills Of Your Mind 
5. Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
6. Rain
7. Che Sara

1. No Dogs Allowed
2. El Jenite
3. Malaguena 
4. Sunny
5. The Sound Of Vienna
6. Ponte Cantar

  3. Light My Fire

Harry James & Band

Ok now a bit swing band with "Harry James" sounds like a live recording no details on the back so it could be any year !! a guess late 60's/70's going by the Photo(Drawing) on the above cover !!

Ray Stevens

Another compilation of the very best of !!...and yes it does deliver !!....Glad that "Bridget The Midget " was included !!! politicly correct or not it's a great track and come on !! it's only a song !!!

1. Bridget The Midget

Friday, 29 September 2017

Caterina Valente.320.Kbps


 Another tatty and well used cover which means "Yes" another one that's been played tens of hundreds times since it was bought in the 50's !! and its my second favourite L/P of all time...the arrangements are first class "A driving big band sound by "Sy Oliver & Orch" and of course "Caterina" in fine voice...of all the Caterina Valente L/Ps I have these "Polydor" Recordings are some of the best that she has done.

P.S. This is also a great L/P so all those who enjoyed "A Toast To The Girls" will definitely love this one as well

1. Poinciana
2. Take Me In Your Arms
3. Moonlight In Vermont
4. In The Still Of The Night
5. Out Of Nowhere
6. Someday Sweetheart
1. Flamingo
2. I'm In The Market For You
3. Alone Together
4. Nocturne For The Blues
5. Where Or When
6. When You Walked Out

5. Where Or When

The Sandpipers

The title say's it all !!!...a nice relaxing put your feet up and think of far-away places L/P !!

1. Guantanamara
2. Yesterday
3. All my Loving
4. And I Love Her
5. Quando M'inamorata  

1. Misty Roses
2. Cancion De Amour
3. Angelica
4. Enamorado
5. Cuando Sali Cuba

5. Quando Sali Cuba

Eydie Gorme.320.Kbps

 I believe that this is the first L/P that Eydie recorded in 1957...a great selection of songs including one of the few songs that gives me goose bumps and makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up !!...I'm talking about "Guess Who I Saw Today"...Eydie's version is definitely the definitive version.....and take a listen to the vocal gymnastics at the end of"I'll Take Romance"!!! an A1 ace L/P !!!

1. I'll Take Romance
2. This Is No Laughing Matter
3. Fine And Dandy
4. Day by Day
5. The Gentleman is A Dope
6. Too Close For Comfort

1. Guess Who I Saw Today
2. Be Careful Its My Heart
3. Saturday Night
4. First Impression
5. How Long has This Been Going On
6 Gypsy In My Soul

7. Guess Who I Saw Today

Shirley Bassey

Here we have an early Shirley L/P produced by her then husband "Kenneth Hume" the tracks are varied and gives an indication of the great vocals that she will do !!!...with a vamped up version of her 50's hit "Kiss Me Honey Honey".....great version of "You Can Have Him" !!!

6. You Can Have Him

Evita.Original London Cast.320. Kbps

 The Original London Cast Recording.....The cover is all silver so the scan is not too good...Light reflection on the silver ect !!...Recorded As Side 1 and Side 2

 1. Requiem For Evita
2. Oh What a Circus / Requiem
3. On This Night Of A Thousand Stars
4. Buenos Aires
5. Good Night And Thank You
6. I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You
7. Another Suitcase In Another Hall
8. A New Argentina

1. Don't Cry For Me Argentina
2. High Flying Adored
3. Rainbow High
4. And The Money Keep Rollin In
5. Waltz For Eva And Che
6. She Is A Diamond
7. Lament

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Show Boat.London Production.320.Kbps

 This is the London 1971 production it opened at "The Adelphi Theatre" on July 29th 1971....Once again I should imagine quite different from the film as there are more songs recorded..there is a great version on here of "Can't Help Lovin' That Man" well worth the download just for that track !!

P.S. Listening to the above mentioned track I think that it is the best version of that song that I have heard !!...Cleo is in excellent voice on all the songs she sings...On the whole this is an excellent recording of the "Show"....BUT I can't get the film version with "Kathryn Grayson" and "Howard Keel" out of my mind....To me that is the definitive version of the songs.....There is still a bit of controversy over the songs that "Ava Gardner" sings and that includes "Can't Help Loving That Man"......whether or not she actually did sing them or was she "Ghosted" that is another person sang for her....I vaguely remember somewhere hearing her actually singing "Loving That Man" then the soundtrack was played and it sounded the same to me !!! doubt someone will interesting to find out !!!

  1. Cotton Blossom....Cast
2. Where's The Mate For Me....Andre Jobin
3. Make Believe....Andre Jobin & Lorna Dallas
4. Can't Help Lovin' That Man...Cleo Laine. Lorna Dallas. Ena Cabayo.Thomas Carey
5. I Might Fall Back On You....Jan Hunt & Kenneth Nelson
6. Old Man River....Thomas Carey
7. Queenie's Ballyhoo

1. At The Fair....Cast
2. Nobody Else But Me....Cleo Laine
3. How'd You Like To Spoon With Me....Jan Hunt & Kenneth Nelson
4. You Are Love....Andre Jobin & Lorna Dallas
5. Bill....Cleo Laine
6. Dance Away The Night....Kenneth Nelson
7. Why Do I Love You....Lorna Dallas & Andre Jobin
8. Finale...Thomas Carey & Cast

14. Why Do I Love You

Ella Fitzgerald.320.Kbps

 Here's Ella in her element singing with only an Organ and Drums....gone is the restraint when she sings with an "Orchestrated Orchestra"and has to follow some kind rules....This is the "Ella In Concert Mode" just as I remember seeing her many times....To me there are two kind of Ella's... One the great interpreter of the "Songbooks"and the other when she always seems to let rip and enjoy herself...all you have to do is listen to the many concert L/P's that she has released to get what I am talking about.....Glad that she did "Mack The Knife" all the way through without the "forgetting the words" bit that she did on the L/P "Ella In Berlin"...that would have been "contrived" and missing the point.....You only get gems like that spontaneously....This L/P was made in 1978 about that time her voice began to change and the "sweet notes" as Ella herself called them were begining to disapear.....The last time I saw her in concert was with "Count Basie" and she was suffering with her legs.....When she came on stage she was supported and escorted by him.....But the concert was a knockout....Nooooooo there never will be another Ella !!!!!

1. I'm Walking
2. All Or Nothing At All
3. I Never Had A Chance
4. I Cried For You
5. What will I Tell My Heart 

1. Since I Fell for You
2. And The Angels Sing
3. Confessin' That I Love You
4. Mack The Knife
5. That's My Desire
6. I'm In The Mood For Love 

3. Confessin' That I Love You

Side By Side By Sondheim.320. Kbps

Re- Post
 Well here is one that I know nothing about !!....So I'm leaving the "Comment Box"wide open for anyone out there who does !!!! this is a Re-Post I did have some comments with some info so I will pass it on Via "Wikipedia" !!

 Side by Side by Sondheim is a musical revue featuring the songs of the Broadway and film composer Stephen Sondheim. Its title is derived from the song "Side by Side by Side" from Company.
The musical had its origins when David Kernan was asked by Cleo Laine and her husband John Dankworth to put together a revue as a benefit for The Stables, a theatre they owned in Wavendon. Kernan contacted director Ned Sherrin and suggested that they do a revue of Sondheim material. The producer Cameron Mackintosh saw the benefit revue, which featured Millicent Martin, Julia McKenzie, Kernan, and Ned Sherrin as the narrator, and agreed to produce it.
The musical is in the form of a revue, with various sections tied together by being from a particular Sondheim musical, or having a common theme. 

13. Broadway Baby

The Eddy Duchin Story

I loved this film when it first came out and I did have the L/P at some point in time but having moved flats and houses about 5 times it went missing somehow !!...and the version was different that is the cover ect....I believe that this is a USA release that has made is way across the pond and overland to "Belguim" !!..Yep ! Bob strikes again with a classic !!

10. Brazil