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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Ronnie Hilton.

A rumage in the single and EP box and Lo and Behold !!.we have 15 tracks from Ronnie Hilton !!......Thanks John !!......It seems that we might have a stowaway !!!...Track 3 !!...Thanks RonH for that info !!

 Ronnie Hilton (26 January 1926....21 February 2001 was an English singer and radio presenter. with nine Top 20 hits between 1954 and 1957, that transitional era between 78 and 45rpm records. A quarter of a century later he became the voice of BBC Radio 2's Sounds of the Fifties series".His most enduring recordings were "No Other Love"; and his last chart entry in 1965 with "A Windmill in Old Amsterdam" The latter spent a total of 13 weeks on the UK 

1. Windmill In Old Amsterdam
2. The Wonder Of You
3. No Other Love.............(Perry Como)
4. Young And Foolish
5. Wonderfull Wonderfull
6. Magic Moments
7. The Ugly Bug Ball
8. Veni Vedi Vici
9. I Still Believe
10. Dear Heart
11. A Woman in Love
12. Hey look me Over
13. Dont Let The Rain Come Down
14. Stars shine in Your Eyes
15. Who Are We

4. Young And Foolish

Middle Of The Road

Middle Of The Road with the distinctive voice of "Sally Carr" singing their hits !!

1. Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep
2. Lingering Sounds
3. Fate Strange Fate
4. I Can't Tell The Bottom From The Top
5. To Remind Me
6. The Sun in Your Skin

1. Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum
2. Give It Time
3. Rainin' n Painin'
4. Yellow River
5. The Way of Life
6. We Are The Founders of All Thats Around us

1. Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum

Constellation..VA..320 Kbps

Another compilation L/P of instrumental tracks from the record company to try and show you how good your stereo equipment might be !!....and it works !! that is if you have a first class Stereo System !!!...if not its still a good listen !!

10. Carnival

Ethel Ennis..320 Kbps

 Once Again! a not very well known singer.. that is in the U.K..with a crystal clear voice and every track a gem highly recommended...if you like Ella, Sarah, Carmen, then give this L/P a listen I don't think you will be disappointed..the "Mr Wonderful" track equals "Peggy Lee's"version..

P.S. If any of you out there in the wide world want a new experience of a great singer then definitely give "Ethel" a chance !!

9. Mr Wonderfull


Re-Post requested By Julius

 This Liberace L/P has him introducing the tracks with information of how they came to be recorded which to me is an added bonus of a very pleasant L/P from 1965....and there is some good info on the back sleeve which makes a change !!!

1. Rhapsody In Blue
2. You Made Me Love You 
3. The Blue Danube
4. The Rosary
5. Tea For Two

1. Boogie Wookie
2. Paderewski's Menuet
3. I Dont Care
4. Liszt  Concerto In A Major

6. Boogie Woogie

Katie Lee

A quick dip into the New York Record store and this quirky L/P jumped out at me !!
 It's a hoot !!!!!

 Katie Lee (October 23, 1919 – November 1, 2017) was an American folk singer, writer, photographer and environmental activist.Lee's early folk music albums, Songs of Couch and Consultation (1957) and Life Is Just a Bed of Neuroses (1960), parody the rising popularity of psychoanalysis at the time.

5. Hush Little Sibling

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Frank Sinatra..320 Kbps

A couple more of greats now from "Auntie Jean"....I have posted this one before but my copy was in Black & White "Mono"and here we have it in glorious "Stereo" !!
On the "Mono" version which is a USA release track 6 first side is different **

1. Come Fly With Me
2. Around The World
3. Isle of Capri
4. Moonlight in Vermont
5. Autumn In New York
6. French Foreign Legion.............6. On The Road To Mandalay** (MONO)

1. Lets get Away From it All
2. April In Paris
3. London by Night
4. Brazil
5. Blue Hawaii
6. Its Nice To Go Traveling 

3. Isle Of Capri

Louis Armstrong..320.Kbps

Here's 22 tracks of pure magic !!....Lots of hugs "Autie Jean" !!!

7. I Only Have Eyes For You

Geraldo & His Orchestra..320.Kbps

Put on your dancing shoes and have a glide around the floor !! thats if you have the room !!..if not put the Telly on and watch "Come Dancing" 

7. Carioca


Another first for me from Johns Record Store...I guess there will be loads of fans out there !!...Comments and info welcome !

1. I Can't Take It
2. I Don't Mind
3. Love Me Do
4. Midnight Caller
5. No Matter What
6. Without You

1. Blodwyn
2. Better Days
3. It had To Be
4. Watford John
5. Believe Me
6. Were For The Dark 

1. Blodwyn

Friday, 23 February 2018

Fats Waller..320 Kbps

Its great to hear how good a piano player is Fats on this L/P some of the tracks are just with him playing no vocal and those are the tracks that shine through...another goodie from Auntie Jean !!...Ta me Duck !!


1. Honeysuckle Rose

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Peggy Lee..320 Kbps

 A great Peggy Lee L/P singing some great songs of today and yesteryear...Fantastic recording of "Me And My Shadow" !!

 1. Is That All There Is
2. Love Story
3. Me And My Shadow
4. Sing A Rainbow
5. My Old Flame
6. I'm A Woman
7. Somethin' Stupid

1. Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show
2. Something
3. Whistle For Happiness
4. Johnny
5. I Can Hear The Music
6. Don't Smoke In Bed
7. You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby

3. Me And My Shadow

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Danny Williams

A selection of songs from a singer that should have been more popular than he was !

3. The Story Of A Starry Night

Ted Heath And His Band

Some early recordings from Ted Heath...just the way I remember the band in concert !!....All the way from John's Record Store !!...Thanks for the memory ! John !

1. Entry Of The Gladiators
2. Casey Jones
3. The Hour Of Parting
4. I Want To Be Happy

1. Limehouse Blues
2. Turkey In The Straw
3. A Kiss In The Dark
4. Black Bottom 

1. Entry Of The Gladiators

Mel Torme & Buddy Rich..320 Kbps

Just got another box of goodies from "Auntie Jean" here is the first one !..and there are some more greats later !!....Mel's Smooth voice with the driving drums of Buddy Rich...that's something !!

1. When I Found You
2. Here's That Rainy Day
3. Blues In The Night

1. Bluesette
2. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
3. I Wont Last a Day Without You
4. Lady be Good

4. Lady Be Good

Bob Thompson & Orchestra

Here's the third of the "Bob Thompson" L/P's...this was also a surprise to me !...I expected a rip rousing sound of "Bang Crash & Wallop's !!" that goes with the title of the L/P...Instead we have some very tasteful orchestra sounds that are very inventfull..especially the intro's to the track....Something different is alway's great and welcome !!

1. Super Chief (Diesel Train)
2. Midnight Sailing (Ocean Liner) 
3. La Vespa (Motor Scooter)
4. Sub-Manhattan Blues (Subway)
5. Three Wheeler Waltz (Tricycle) 
6. Count Down (Missile)

1. Star Fire (Jet Plane)
2. Surry Serenade (Horse & Buggy)
3. Le Mans ( Spostrs Cars)
4. Streetcar Named Irvine (Streetcar)
5. Sea Spray (Speed Boat )
6. Early-Bird Whirly-Bird (Helicopter)

3. La Vespa

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

English Comedian Singles

A surprise selection of "Singles" By English Comedians with a couple of nice surprising song choices that you would never guess who was singing the song...good for a party guessing game !!...all the way from New York !!..Thanks John !!

1. Positive Thinking....Eric Morecombe & Ernie Wise
2. Forget Me Not....Jimmy Tarbuck
3. Walk With Me My Angel....Dick Emery
4. Happily Family Man....Dickie Henderson
5. Sparrows Cant Sing....Barbara Windsor 
6. Who Done It....Benny Hill With The Coronets
7. Will I Find My Love Today.....Spike Milligan
8.  I Remember Natalie....Bob Monkhouse
9. Kids....Sid James
10. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square....John Le Mesurier
11. I'm Backing Britain....Bruce Forsyth
12. Secondhand....Wilfred Brambell
13. Dear Mother Love Albert.....Rodney Bewes
14. Following You Around....Eric Morecombe & Ernie Wise

7. Will I Find My Love Today

Fire Down Below..320 .Kbps

  Its mostly mood music with 2 tunes running through the entire L/P....Also with the vocal of the title by "Jeri Southern".....It's still a good soundtrack if you like your "Mood Music" !!

 1. Main Title
2. Limbo Like Me
3. Orchestra Playing In Club
4. Irena Boards Boat
5. Fire Down Below....Jeri Southern
6. Music From The Madi Gras
7. Irena Goes Back To The Table

1. Fire Down Below
2. Carnival Is Over
3. Boat Pulls Into Jetty
4. Children Singing Spanish Main
5. The Letter
6. Tony Trapped Below Deck
7. Tony Plays Harmonica
8. Tonys Predicament
9. Abondon Ship
10. Irena And Felix Go To Boat
11. Tony Walks Out Of Door

5. Fire Down Below