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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

David Bowie..320.Kbps

As the title say's TWODB ! way before his "Ziggy Stardust " days I should think...interesting to hear these tracks which I have not heard before and hear him develop later into "Starman"

10. Buy My Toys


  1. This record was the second time this had been released. The first had a "curly-haired" David, as he did when Space Oddity was first a hit in 1969. This was released in 1972 on the back of Ziggy Stardust.
    All the tracks are from his first LP, called, simply, David Bowie, except The London Boys, Karma Man and Let Me Sleep Beside You, which were recorded about the same time but used as a b-side (in the case of The London Boys) or were just left off. Let Me Sleep Beside You was dusted off for Toy, his unreleased album from 2011