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Monday, 16 April 2018

Jerry Vale

We are in Belgium seeing what Bob has to offer now...26 tracks of popular and standard songs and I have heard of Jerry Vale and he is okay !!....cross between Andy Williams & Vic Damone I Should say !!

1. Come Back To Sorrento
2. More
3. Born Free
4. Non Dementicar
5. You Don't Know me
6. Speak Softly Love
7. Love Is A many Splendored Thing
8. In Amorata
9. What A Wonderful World
10. We've Only Just Begun
11. Anema a Cuore
12. You Belong To My Heart
13. For Mama

1. O Sole Mio
2. You Don't Have To Say You Love me
3. Have you looked Into My Heart
4. Spanish Eyes
5. Prima Donna
6. Domage Domage
7. And This Is My Beloved
8. Pretend You Don't See Her
9. I Can't Get You Out Of My Heart
10. Lovers Roulette
11. Go Chase A Moonbeam
12. Where Were You When I needed You
13. My Way

12. You Belong To My Heart