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Sunday, 7 January 2018

5 x 45's 8 VA..320 Kbps

A dip into the unknown box of 45's that I purchased years ago !! most of these have never been played by I hope there is something amongst them that rings a bell and is of interest !!....feel free to comment !!!...Good or Bad !!!

1. First In Line...Billy Griffin
2. First In Line...Billy Griffin
3. Melissa...Divo
4. Liberi...Divo 
5. Wild Wiuld Life...Le Freak
6. Wild Wild Like...( Instrunental )
7. No Myth...Michael Penn
8. Big House...Michael Penn
9. Missing...Terry Blair & Anouchka
10 Happy Families...Terry Blair & Anouchka

  1. First In Line


  1. These are a nice treat, Luigi. Thanks!

  2. Michael Penn is Sean Penns (Madonnas ex husband) Brother.
    Remember No Myth being played constantly on UK MTV in 1990.

  3. "No Myth" is one of my absolute favorite songs from the early 90s. If you like it, check out the album it's from, "March." Every track is a gem, and the second single, "This & That," is one of THE great undiscovered songs of the 90s.

    Michael is also married to the brilliant Aimee Mann, the former vocalist for 'Til Tuesday. I think he's done some production work on her solo albums, though to the best of my knowledge, they've never done a duet. I wish they would -- they're both great singers, and I think their voices would really complement each other. Ah well, I can dream, I guess!