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Sunday, 7 January 2018

5 x 45's 7 VA..320 Kbps

Here's a few more 45's...personal choice from the ones above !!

1. Dark Island...Ian Powrie & His Band
2. Ian Macfadven's Polka
3.The Breeze And I...Caterina Valente
4. Jalousie...Caterina Valente
5. I Am I Said...Neil Diamond 
6. Born To Soon...Neil Diamond
7. Cuore...Rita Pavone
8. IL Ballo Del Mattone...Rita Pavone
9. People...Barbra Steisand
10. Funny Girl...Barbra Sreisand

7. Cuore


  1. Thank you for edition 7 of 45's, this i will enjoy!!!

  2. Wow!!! Rita Pavone Thank you so much. This brings back memories from way back.
    Thank you so much Luigi
    from Michael, an Italian living in Vietnam.