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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Bev Kelly

John's gonna dun it again!!..introduced me to a new voice and its a great one !!..well worth a listen too...Its a pity that she did not record more than two L/P's this is one from the 60's and I believe that there is another one around somewhere be nice to have it !!...It's Called "Love Locked Out "

1. Long ago And Far Away
2. I'll Be Tired Of You
3. My foolish Heart
4. Night And Day
5. It Never Entered My mind
6. Just Friends

1. Body And Soul
2. Love letters
3. This Is Always
4. Falling In Love With Love
5. My Funny Valentine

 The history of jazz is full of talented singers who, for whatever reason, never became as well-known as they should have been. That is certainly true of Bev Kelly, an obscure Bay Area-based vocalist whose influences ranged from Anita O'Day to Billie Holiday and Dinah Washington. It's safe to say that the vast majority of jazz lovers have never even heard of Kelly, but the singer did have an enthusiastic supporter in Orrin Keepnews, who produced this live date for Riverside. Recorded at the Coffee Gallery in San Francisco in 1960, In Person was out of print for a long time but finally became available on CD when Fantasy reissued it for Original Jazz Classics in 1999. Kelly had a raspy yet sweetly vulnerable delivery, and that approach serves her well on tasteful, introspective performances of well-known standards like "My Funny Valentine," "Long Ago and Far Away," and "Body and Soul." Kelly swings, but she does so in a subtle fashion. Thankfully, the singer has sympathetic accompaniment in alto saxman Pony Poindexter, pianist Flip Nunez, bassist Johnny Allen, and drummer Tony Johnson. Some bop-oriented instrumentalists have a hard time backing singers, but these Bay Area jazzmen enjoy a strong rapport with Kelly. So why was a singer as expressive as Kelly so obscure? One can only speculate. The music business is incredibly competitive as well as extremely political, and a lot of talented, deserving people inevitably fall through the cracks. In Person makes one wish that Kelly wasn't one of them. 

5. It Never Entered My Mind

Friday, 24 November 2017

Petula Clark "Downtown" My Extended Version!

Petula Clark & Bobby Darin - All I Have To Do Is Dream

6 x 45's 6.VA

Some more 45's to refresh your brain cells !!!

1. No Regrets....Shirley Bassey
2. Seasaw Of Dreams....Shirley Bassey
3. Footsee....Wigan's Chosen Few
4. 7 Day's Too Long....Chuck Wood
5. Shake....Otis Reading 
6. 634-5789....Otis Reading
7. Kiss Of Fire....Caterina Valente
8. All My Love....Caterina Valente
9. After Loving You....Wigans Ovation
10. People Of The World....Wigans Ovation
11. I Wanna Be Loved By You....Marilyn Monroe
12. I'm Thru' With Love....Marilyn Monroe

12. I'm Thru' With Love

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Vic Damone.320.Kbps

Back home now in "The Computer Room"  found that "Carpet"in the corner of the store so I'm a bit wind swept at the moment !!....Thanks "John" for the L/P's hope I remebered to lock up...anyway here is some Re-Ups for you to enjoy once more..The cover say's MONO but this recording is in STERO !!

1. Strange Enchantment
2. The Hawaiian Wedding Song
3. Shangri La
4. Humming Waters
5. Poinciana
6. Flamingo

7. Beyond The Reef 
8. You're Lovable
9. The Moon Of Manakoora 
10. Bali Ha'i
11. Forevermore
12. Ebb Tide

7. Beyond The Reef

Sheila Buxton

This is definitely a "Blast From The Past"!!!..I remember her voice from the radio all those years ago the 50's to be precise !....and here's what I found about her from the Net !!! boy was she a busy girl !!

  Sheila, a Lancashire lass born the early thirties and daughter of concert singer William Buxton, started her working life in a leather handbag factory, while singing evenings with the semi-pro. Phil Phillips Band at the Plaza Ballroom Swinton, Manchester and the Lido in nearby Sale.
 For much of 1958 Sheila was to be heard on either radio or T.V. almost daily.  Midday on Mondays it was 'Make way for Music', Tuesday afternoons 'Melody on the Line', 'On Tour' on Thursdays and 'Saturday Night on the Light', all with Alyn Ainsworth and the BBC Northern Dance Orchestra. Later Saturday evenings it was over to ITV`s 'Late Night Show'. She was also resident vocalist on ITV`s 'Rainbow Room' with the Jerry Allen Trio and radio`s 'Laughter Incorporated' on which she joined funsters Morecambe & Wise.  Sheila later had her own TV series 'Little Miss Music'.  With her shows originating from both Manchester and London, Sheila was no stranger on the overnight train between these two cities.
   In early 1959 Sheila changed her recording company to the new Top Rank label, where she continued to produce some pleasant but quickly forgotten discs.  The year brought another film appearance, playing a night club scene in 'The Shakedown', recording the title song.   Four 'Sheila Buxton Shows' were broadcast by Children's Hour during October 1959, on which she sang and talked with presenter Judith Chalmers and 'Make Way For Music' returned for a 21 week series that ended on Christmas Day.  During the year Sheila played several weeks in variety, closing the decade playing lead role in 'Cinderella' at Blackpool Winter Gardens with The Dallas Boys and Jack Storey.

So here are 4 tracks which I assume are Two 45's !!....Ive' been rumaging around John's record store for this one and the couple below !!...Ta John !!

1. Shakedown
2. Hurry Home To Me
3. A Tear Fell
4. The Inbetween Age

3. A tear Fell

Vikki Carr

The Way Of Today is 1966 !! and...Florencia Bisenta de Casillas-Martinez Cardona, 
Belts out some songs of that time in her crystal clear voice !!

1. Can I Trust You
2. Anyone who Had A Heart
3. My Prayer
4. My Heart Reminds me
5. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

1. Nowhere Man
2. If You Love Me
3. Strangers In The Night
4. I Will Wait For You
5. My World Is Empty Without You
6. I Hear A Rhapsody

3. My Prayer

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Susan Maughan

Not a sign of "Bobby's Girl" !!..just a selection of standard swingin' song's !!!..that lives up to its L/P title !!....and she's good at Swingin' !!!!

1. A lot Of Livin' To Do
2. If I Were a Bell
3. The Lady's In love With You
4. Poppa Don't Preach To Me
5. When Lights Are Low
6. Just one Of Those Things

1. The Gypsy In My Soul
2. Old Devil Moon
3. It Might as Well Be Spring
4. Thing's Are Swingin'
5. Ca C'est L'Amour
6. Gone With The Wind

1. A Lot Of Livin' To Do

Mason WIlliams.320.Kbps

Now for a little bit of gentle Blue Grass Music (I Think) thats what you would call this L/P....if I'm wrong perhaps someone out there could enlighten me....Whatever it is it's a cool L/P and I like it !!

 1. Here I Am Again....Mason Williams
2. Largo De Luxe....Mason Williams
3. I'm A Yo Yo Man....Rick Cunha
4. A Little Bit Of Time....Suzette Grant
5. Linda Crest Lament....Nacy Ames

1. Little Begger Man/Hamilton County....Bill Cunningham
2. Poor Little Robin....Rick Cunha
3. Godsend....Mason Williams
4. Train Ride In C....Mason Williams
5. Orange Blossom Special....Bill Cunninham & Mason Williams

5. Orange Blossom Special

Johnny Mathis.320.Kbps

First track first side "Woman Woman" is one of Johnny's best tracks....Here he is singing a selection of not well known songs with the exception of "Feel Like Makin' Love"...and doing it in his own unique style...I usualy like him better singing uptempo songs but the slow ones on this one are's from 1974 and I recon his voice was at it's peak....not that there is anything wrong with his today's voice....but as with everyone's voice even the ones who can't sing do change as you get older !!!

 1. Woman Woman
2. Sail On White Moon
3. It's Gone
4. House For Sale
5. Feel Like Makin' Love

1. Memories Don't Leave Like People Do
2. Strangers In Dark Corners
3. Wendy
4. The Heart Of A Woman
5. The Way We Planned It

5. Feel Like Making Love

Johnny Mathis.320.Kbps

Here's Johnny doing what he does best with some classic songs of the 70's....His best tracks are the upbeat ones !

 1. Play Me
2. Alone Again
3. Where Is The Love
4. Goodbye To Love
5. Too Young

1. Make It Easy On Yourself
2. Lean on Me
3. How Can I Be Sure
4. Run To Me
5. Song Sung Blue
6. He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother

7. Lean On Me


Another one from the duo who to my mind sound like "The Beatles" on some of their tracks....That of course is my opinion no doubt there will be loads who disagree...Soooooooooo have a download and see if you agree!!

 1. Did Worlds Collide
2. Mechanics
3. When Love Has Overgrown
4. As Hours Go By
5. Bootleg

1. Jesus Said
2. Day Without Love
3. Petro Rock
4. Mile High City
5. Keep Me Rolling

3. As Hours Go By

Elton John.320.Kbps

Not as exciting as his "Yellow Brick Road" L/P but Elton always delivers something "Classy" and different....This L/P contains a couple of his major hits !!!!

 1. Shine On Through
2. Return To Paradise
3. I Don't Care
4. Big Dipper
5. it Ain't Gonna Be Easy

1. Part-Time Love
2. Georgia
3. Shooting Star
4. Madness
5. Reverie / Song For Guy

4. Big Dipper

Dave Mason & Cass Elliot.320.Kbps

When I saw this L/P in a Junk Shop I thought I may as well get it it only cost about 50p....I was disappointed tho' "Cass" only sings one song on her own and the rest of the tracks I assume that she is singing with Dave Mason who incidentally I hadn't heard of !!.....Isn't it strange that it is only when "Cass Elliot" sings on her own that you get that rich unique sounding voice...when she was with "The Mama's And The Papa's" and on this L/P her voice seems to blend in and lose that uniqueness....The L/P as a whole is a run of the mill production nothing exiting is happening which is a pity because there is not much of  "Cass Elliot's" recordings available !!!
And Isn't that a great picture of "Cass"!!!!!

 1. Walk To The Point
2. On And On
3. To be Free
4. Here We Go Again
5. Pleasing You

1. Sit And Wonder
2. Something To Make You Happy
3. To Much Truth To Much Love 
4. Next To You
5. Glittering Facade

4 Here We Go Again

Don McLean.320.Kbps

The lyrics to any Don McLean song are well worth taking note and listening to they make perfect sense and do tell a story if you listen to the tracks on this L/P they all seem to follow on and tell a story...I supose you could call it a concept album....he definatly has a way with words...

 1. Winter Has Me In Its Grip
2. La La Love You
3. Homeless Brother
4. Sunshine Life For Me
5. The Legend Of Andrew McCrew

1. Wonderful Baby
2. You Have Lived
3. Great Big Man
4. Tangled
5. Crying In The Chapel
6 Did You Know

5. The Legend of Andrew McCrew

Dr Hook.320.Kbps

A good selection of catchy songs sung and done as only "Dr Hook" can do !! track "Walk Right In"

1. Makin' Love And Music
2. Layin' Too Low Too Long
3. What A Way To Go
4. Sleeping Late
5. Walk Right In

1. Who Dat
2. Let The Loose End Drag
3. I'm A Lamb
4. I Wanna Make The Women Tremble
5. Sexy Energy

5. Walk Right In

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Ann Richards

We now have another lesser known voice...and its a good one !!

 Ann Richards (October 1, 1935 – April 1, 1982) was an American jazz singer and the wife of pianist Stan Kenton.

She was born Margaret Ann Borden on October 1, 1935 in San Diego, California. Richards began taking singing lessons at ten and was self-taught on the piano. She appeared on the West Coast music scene in 1954. She had a short stint with Charlie Barnet's band, and was later brought to the attention of Stan Kenton by songwriter Eddie Beal. Richards was with Kenton's band for a few months in 1955, and the couple married.
Kenton helped her secure a contract with Capitol Records. She was paired with conductor Brian Farnon and arranger Warren Baker for her debut album, I'm Shooting High (1958).
And Here It Is !!!!!

11. Lullaby Of Broadway

Fats Waller

You can't beat a bit of thumping piano and the distinctive voice of Mr FW !!....before we go all the way to the oposite end of the "Jazz Idiom" from this one !!

6. Sweet Sue

The Stan Tracy Quartet

We are now in the land of the "Jazz" mode !!  for a while so you Jazz lovers are in for a treat !!

 Jazz Suite Inspired by Dylan Thomas's "Under Milk Wood" is an album by the English pianist Stan Tracey and his quartet, that was released by the Columbia subsidiary of EMI in 1965. The music was written in response to the 1953 BBC radio play Under Milk Wood, by the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. It has often been cited as one of the best jazz recordings made in the United Kingdom.

In a review of the album for BBC Music Magazine, Chris Parker wrote: "Tracey’s startlingly percussive, eccentric piano style and his close rapport with tenorman Bobby Wellins do bring Thelonious Monk and Charlie Rouse to mind, but the cogent pungency of the compositions (in catchy mid-tempo tunes or in haunting ballads like ‘Starless and Bible Black’ and the title-track) is all his own"

3. I Lost My Step In Nantucket

Dave Brubeck Quartet

I was quite surprised when I heard this one !!..Its a great one !!...entirely unexpected listening experiance to me that is !!...Only having heard his "Take Five"... Well what can I say just have a download and listen !!....Thanks John for this one and the ones above and below !!!

 Although recorded in sessions in 1962 and 1965, this set of Richard Rodgers tunes by the Dave Brubeck Quartet has a strong unity about it due to the consistent performances of the veteran group. With altoist Paul Desmond and the pianist-leader contributing some fine solos (and bassist Eugene Wright and drummer Joe Morello excellent in support), The Rodgers songs are treated with respect and swing. This comparatively gentle version of "My Favorite Things" would never be mistaken for John Coltrane's.

7. The Circus On Parade

Ted Heath & His Music

Another Ted Heath Phase 4 studio recording !...not the driving band of his concert days but nevertheless a good set of recordings !!..It should please the Big Band Fans !!

1. Do-Re-Mi

Monday, 20 November 2017

John Zaradin.320 Kbps

  Even tho' this L/P title "Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez" may not ring a bell I recon that most off you out there in the wide! wide! world will recognise it !! The second movement "Adagio" has been made into a popular song recorded by many singers...And the second side is a great collection of guitar pieces.......Go on indulge yourself and go classical !!

1. Concierto De Aranjuez 

1. Balletto
2. Air And Variations
3. Valse Criollo
4. Granada
5. Spanish Serenade

5. Spanish Serenade

Petula Clark.320. Kbps

 This is one of Pets American releases recorded in 1971 in Miami....not a hint of the "Hatch & Trent" sound...except of course on the title track which was not arranged by "Tony Hatch" but still has the same sound.....Seems that quite a few of Petula's American releases contains a Hit title track that became the title of the L/P.....She sings contemporary songs of the day by composers of today....I wonder if the last track on Side Two is by "Rolf Harris" certainly sounds as if it could be !!!....even tho' its credited as "Rolph Harris"....99.9% it is !!!!

1. Let Me Be The One
2. Loss Of Love
3. Cry Like A Baby
4. Don't Say I Didn't Tell You So
5. For Free
6. Maybe I'm Amazed

1. The Song Of My life
2. Beautiful
3. Time And Love
4. I've Got My Eyes On You
5. Couldn't Sleep
6. I Just Can't Wait To Hold You

3. Cry Like A Baby