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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The Swingle Singers

How's about some "Shoo Be Doo's from the originators !! of wordless jazz orientated classic interpretations !!!..before you get into singers singing classic songs and some hep piano music !!!.....enjoy this one !!!.Dobadob Dobadob !!!!

Alegro (Beethoven)

Roy Orbison

I like it when a singer tries something different and the title of this L/P is spot on !! the content and selection of songs that has been chosen shows how Roy's voice can adapt to different tempo's and sounds...Not only does he sound great singing Pop !! but he is good at the slow sentimental songs !!

 1. Truly Truly True
2. Unchained Melody 
3. I Recoment Her
4. More
5. Heatache 
6. Amy

1. Good Morning Dear
2. What Now My Love
3. Walk On 
4. Yesterday's Child
5. Try To Remember


Pete Jolly

Not had any piano music for a while so lets put that right ! right now !...first track certainly lives up to the title !!...Oooops forgot to mention that for the last five or six posts we have been on a browsing tour in New York at a certain record store...thanks John !!!..and we will be here for a while finding out all these great sounds !!

Why Do I Love You

Noel Harrison

I wonder if it's cold in that fridge !!!....Songs from the 60's that you would think that would not suit Noel's voice !! But "Surprise ! Suprise ! he does a great job with all of them...Surprise track he tackles a Classic Billie Holiday song and does it justice !!

Love Minus Zero

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Rita Reys

The sweet swinging voice of "Rita"....Anybody who has not heard this voice should definatly do themselves a favour and have a listen she's fantastic and with the "Dutch Swing Collage Band" its something to cherish !!!!....great video below so you can see as well as hear !!!


AFTER YOU'VE GONE- Rita Reys & Dutch Swing College Band

Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66

Here's one of the best recordings of "Fool On The Hill" plus some would say "Exotica" but whatever you call it its a great L/P full of the essence of "South America" song rhythm's !!.with
a dash of "Swingle !!!!

1. Fool On The Hill
2. Fiesta
3. Casa Forte
4. Canto Triste
5. Upa Neguinho

1. Lapinha
2. Scarborough Fair
3. When The Summer Turns To Snow
4. Laia Ladiaia

Casa Forte

Des O'Connor.320.Kbps

Re-Post Requested By Ian

 Once again we have a title of "Now" which translates as 1984 !!....Des doing some up to date songs... Well now err sorry for the jumps and there are definatly clicks and pops between tracks that tells me that perhaps this is a bad pressing !! for the content...Well err to me it seems that its over orchestrated and over produced...Des's voice seems to be different maybe he was trying a new style !!...much prefer his older recordings....Comments Please !!!....

1. Bilitis
2. Lately
3. To All The Girl's I've Loved Before 
4. Arthur's Theme Best That You Can Do
5. Our Love
6. Key Largo
7. Isn't It Strange
8. Sad Songs Say So Much 

1. Fool If You Think It's Over
2. Hello
3. I Just Called To Say I Love You 
4. Drive
5. She's Always A Woman
6. The Waiting Game
7. I Honestly Love You
8. If Ever You're In My Arms Again / Bilitis


Ted Heath

Ah !! big band sound !!! take it away Teddy !!!!

I've Got a Gal in Kalamazoo

Monday, 28 August 2017

Tim Hardin

Heard the name but never heard any of his I'll let the Internet speak !!!

 James Timothy Hardin (December 23, 1941 – December 29, 1980) was an American folk musician and composer. He wrote the Top 40 hit "If I Were a Carpenter", covered by, among others, Bobby Darin, Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, The Four Tops, Robert Plant, and Johnny Rivers; his song "Reason to Believe" has also been covered by many artists, notably Rod Stewart (who had a chart hit with the song), Neil Young, and The Carpenters. Hardin is also known for his own recording career....By 1966, Tim was signed to Verve Forecast and had produced his first album, a mixture of initial demo material and new recordings. The development of his style from those original blues songs of the Columbia demos to the higher production standards of this first Verve album show an interesting evolution. Indeed, Artie Butler’s strings on his first single, Hang On to a Dream, rely heavily on the work being done by George Martin with the Beatles, although it would seem that Tim was less than happy with their appearance. Tim’s vocals show a wide range of influences and demonstrate his ability to handle blues, country, rock, jazz and ballad.

Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Caterina Valente.320.Kbps

 This L/P should have been a great one BUT even tho' it features my favorite singer in "Phase4 Stereo" and a great Orchestra it seems to miss the mark a little...I think it may be a bit over produced..Caterina's voice has'nt got that fire that she usualy has....The song choices are okay but as one of the songs say's there's " Something Missing"...but as a Fan she can do no wrong !!

1. At Last
2. You Go To My Head
3. Love.
4. Little Hands
5. How Will I Remember You
6. As Time Goes By

1. The Second Time Around
2. Something Missing (L'Absent).
3. The Look Of Love
4. How Beautiful Is The Night
5. It Never Was You
6. Too Soon

Something Missing

Georgie Fame & Annie Ross

Here's a find !!...what a combination !!!....great singers singing some great song...thanks John for this one !!..A1++

1. The Old Music Maker
2. Hong Kong Blues
3. Georgia On My Mind
4. One Morning In May
5. My Resistance is Low
6. I Get Along Without You Very Well
7. Rockin' Chair

1. Drip Drip
2. Stardust
3. Up A Lazy River
4. Small Fry
5. Two Sleepy People
6. Hoagy's Help
7. Hoagland

My Resistance Is Low

Beverly Kenney

John's record store in New York certainly has some great L/P's of singers that are out of the usual popular singers  I for one have not heard of her but the voice is great pity she did not manage to get over her troubles !!..what a waste of talent

 For several months she toured with Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey before returning to New York, where she sang in clubs with George Shearing, Don Elliott, and Kai Winding.From 1956–1960, Kenney recorded six albums, three for Royal Roost and three for Decca. Her first album, Beverly Kenney Sings for Johnny Smith (1956), was recorded with the quartet led by jazz guitarist Johnny Smith. She then began a residency at the Birdland jazz club accompanied by the Lester Young Quintet.
 Kenney attempted suicide twice and then succeeded the third time with a combination of alcohol and Seconal on April 12, 1960.

 1. Nobody Else But Me
2. The More I See You
3. Old Buttermilk Sky
4. I've Never Seen Snow
5. A Fine Romance

1. Who Cares What People Say
2. Makin' Whoopee
3. The Charm Of You
4. Isn't This A Lovely Day
5. Maizy Doats
6. My Kinda Love
7. Can't Get Out Of This Mood

Ole buttermilk Sky

The Lovin' Spoonful.320.Kbps

 This is a great film one of my favourites of the 60's....highly recomended... if it comes on TV or you see it in your local DVD store get it !!'s a classic (My opinion of Course) is on "Youtube" in 11 parts...but the sound is out of sinc...tried to get a trailer but could'nt find one.
Three outstanding tracks...."Lonely"..."Darling Be Home Soon"....and "Your A Big Boy Now"

1. You're A Big Boy Now
2. Lonely
3. Wash Her Away
4. Kite Chase
5. Try And Be Happy
6. Peep Show Percussion 
7. Girl Beautiful Girl

1. Darling Be Home Soon
2. Dixieland Big Boy
3. Letter To Barbara
4. Barbara's Theme
5. Miss Things Thang
6. March
7. The Finale

Darling Be Home Soon

The Premiere Collection. Andrew Lloyd Webber. 320. Kbps

 Now we have a compilation of the "London" & "Broadway" shows original recordings...The L/P title says it all !!!

I Don't Know How To Love Him

Petula Clark

Petula's recordings in French...I guess that all these where her 45 releases when she was recording in France before her involment with "Tony Hatch & Jackie Trent" that gave her the "Downtown " hit and many more Hatch & Trent Songs !!.....Thanks Bob !!

Je Tout oble

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Guy Denys

Some rousing music now just to keep everyone awake !!....and yes this one is from across the channel !!.....Its a wonder he doesn't trap that jacket in the bellows when he is playing track one !!..have a listen and see what I mean !!!...Thanks Bob !!

La Valse

Eydie Gorme.320. Kbps

 This is a great L/P as usual every track is a good one...I don't think that Eydie Gorme has ever made a bad record...The first track (Red Robin) is a knockout its different won't spoil it you will have to have a listen to find out how different !!

1. When The Red Red Robin
2. Who's Sorry Now
3. Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye
4. My Man
5. Singin' In The Rain
6. Chicago

1. I Wanna Be Loved By You
2. My Buddy
3. Tip Toe Through The Tulips
4. Lets Do It
5. Button Up Your Overcoat
6. Back In Your Own Back Yard

Singing In The Rain

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong.320. Kbps

 This is a 10 inch German Release...I was given it quite some time ago it's a pity that they are only two tracks of Ella And Louis singing together....But Louis version of "La Vie En Rose" is one of the best....

 1. I'll Walk Alone...Louis Armstrong
2. Basin Street Blues...Ella Fitzgerald
3. La Vie En Rose...Louis Armstrong
4. Can Anyone Explain...Ella & Louis

1. The Hot Canary...Ella Fitzgerald
2. Kiss Of fire...Louis Armstrong
3. Dream A Little Dream...Ella & Louis
4. Blueberry Hill

Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Vicki Benet

A selection of well known French songs sung in English and French by another singer I have not heard of !! would think that this one came from over the channel but no !!..a very pleasant surprise from over the pond via John's Record Store...A great voice well worth a listen to...Thanks John !...Its A Gud Un !!!!

1. Autumn Leaves
2. Domino
3. Its So Nice To Have A Man Around The House
4. Hymne a L'amour 
5. Pigalle
6. The Heart Of Paris

1. C'est la Vie
2. Tenderly
3. La Seine
4. Mon Homme
5. Parlez Moi D'amour 
6. Madameoiselle de Paris