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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Petula Clark..320 Kbps

A different and subdued collection of songs sung by Petula...No songs or any arranged or produced by "Tony Hatch"on this L/P six of the songs where written by Petula...It is a "CBS" release...the sound is typically the sound of the 70' track is "I'm Not In Love"....Pet having a go at "Disco" and doing a great job !!
1. I'm Not In Love
2. Smiley
3. I Really Didn't Mean To Write This Song Today
4. When You're Gone
5. What Am I Doing Here
6. Songbird

1. You're My Destiny
2. When The Going Gets Rough
3. If You Leave Me Now
4. Put A Little Sunbeam in Your Life
5. Feel The Love Go Round
6. Put It Back Together

1. I'm Not In Love


  1. Will you be generous enough to repost this? So appreciated!!!