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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Enoch Light & The Command All Stars..320 Kbps

 Well here's a double L/P full of percussion Latin Tunes so if anyone likes "percussion" then give this one your ear !!..Maybe the producers were at a party dancing to it and were worse for wear !!
But apart from that it is very good Stereo and a good easy listening not forgetting dancing around the room to it !!
...Enjoy the Fantastic Stereo !!! 

 Disc 1.

1. El Gato Montes (The Wildcat)....Bobby Byne
2. Besame Mucho....The Command All Stars
3. Mack The Knife...Enoch Light & Orchestra
4. Tonight....Enoch Light & Orchestra

 1. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps....The Command All Stars
2. C'est Magnifique....Enoch Light & Orchestra
3. Desifinado....Enoch Light & Orchestra
4. Miami Beach Rhumba....The Command All Stars
5. Blame It on The Bossanova....Enoch Light & Orchestra

Disc 2.

1. Mambo Jambo....The Command All Stars
2. Green Eyes....Enoch Light & Orchestra
3. Fly Me To The Moon....Enoch Light & Orchestra
4. Brazil....The Command All Stars
5. Volare....Enoch Light Orchestra

 1. Sem Saudades Devoce....Enoch Light & Orchestra
2. In A Little Spanish Town....Enoch Light & Orchestra
3. The Night Is Young....Enoch Light & Orchestra
4. Perdido....Enoch Light & Orchestra
5. La Cucaracha....The Command All Stars

5. La Cucaracha